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We Enable You to Track Your Inventory Efficiently and Accurately

An overwhelming inventory does not mean that you would not be able to maintain it properly. Our Inventory tracking system enables you to organize and maintain your inventory. No matter how big it is!

Challenges You Face in Maintaining Inventory:

  • You remain under constant pressure during dispatches.
  • There are diversified components differing in sizes and sometimes in nature of spares.
  • Your present system is not fully automated.
  • Redundant and multiple manual data entry processes.
  • The system slows down the speed of operation.
  • Volume of transactions increased.
  • Your present system not scalable for the future needs.

What Do You Expect?

You expect a system that can track your inventories with 100% accuracy, that is proficient and do not cost you much.

How Our Inventory Tracking System Works?

  • Security enters all the information of the received items into the system.
  • Thereafter, material receipt is updated in the system through the Gate Arrival Log.
  • Next, barcode labels are printed and pasted on those items.
  • After the inspection, the status is updated in the system.
  • The system will take care of the items where they are stored.
  • The operator scans barcode of the items, enter the quality, vendor name and finally confirms the picking process.
  • An invoice is generated from the system.

Tight integration of our barcode technology with your inventory items ensures 100% accuracy in identifying the items. Hence our Inventory tracking system gives you an increased control of your inventory, reduce costs and enables you to track your inventory proficiently. We offer a complete stock management service that can help you organize your business well and let you focus more on other business issues.

So, stop being under pressure at the time of dispatch and just reach us for a better tracking of your inventory and a better management of your stock.